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Posted Date 4/06/2021

Summary:  The Program Engagement Specialist spends most of their time in all three villages and is responsible for attending all spokes council meetings at all three villages. The Program Engagement Specialists work closely with each other and the Program Coordinator to meet the needs of their village and support program development. They also support the Site Operations Coordinators in understanding complex relations between staff, leads, and villagers. Program Engagement Specialists also assist the Training Coordinator & Program Coordinator in assessments for training and coordinating with the training coordinator for scheduled training.  Each village has two Program Engagement Specialists

Supervisory Responsibilities:  Assists Site Operations Coordinator in supervising Village Leads

Essential Functions:  Tasks that must be performed by the person in this job.  Reasonable accommodation(s) may be requested to enable individuals to perform the essential functions.

The villages are situated outside on gravelly, sometimes rocky ground, and are exposed to the weather year-round.  There are covered community structures for meetings and partially enclosed gate houses at the entrance of each village. The Program Engagement Specialist serves all villages and should be onsite at least 50% of the workweek.

1. Act as a liaison between villagers and external agencies and resources including City and County services, nonprofits, and community-based projects involved with C(3)PO, and facilitating onsite interactions with external entities when a visit is scheduled.

2. Respond to crisis calls 24/7 as PIC for staff support in urgent situations. Potentially become a point of contact to perform duties of legally trespassing villagers who have been removed from the village.

3. Interact regularly with villagers onsite to get to know their needs, including accommodations for language, accessibility:

a. Use knowledge, network, C(3)PO resources, and work closely with the Supply Coordinator to provide for those needs to the extent possible during this state of emergency.

b. Advocate for accommodations in spatial organization, amenities, and other aspects of the villages. 

c. Additional activities as needed to foster culturally accessible spaces and disability justice within the C(3)PO villages

4. Engage villagers with the Village/self-managed Model.

a. Help them understand, manage, and create policies

b. Help individuals understand village processes and underlying values.

c. Post notices for meetings, agendas, and notes.

d. Assist villagers with meeting facilitation.

e. Guide & support individuals through Incident Reports and Grievance Procedures (both person issuing complaint & person receiving complaint).

f. Keeps meetings notes and village manuals up to date with new agreements.

5. Develop villagers' abilities to self-operate the Village and foster healthy social relationships.

6. Overseeing recurring village social systems to promote village functioning

a. Includes being the primary point of contact for site-specific villager concerns

b. Supporting the onboarding of villagers regarding village systems including village expectations/shared values

7. Facilitate new Villager orientation

8. Attending Spokes Council Meetings for all 3 villages to build rapport with villagers and to facilitate better relationships with which to advocate for individual and village needs and share lessons learned

9. Support villagers involved in the Incident Report (IR) grievance process

10. Attending and providing support around (IR) Grievance Procedures meetings and keeping IR records for complaints about villagers.

11. Assist the Training Coordinator & Program Coordinator in assessments for training and setting up for scheduled training.

12. Keep records of occupancy, length of stay, name, birth dates, and demographics data for weekly and quarterly reports & turn in to Program Coordinator.

13. Manage VIMO referrals

14. Help villagers connect to Equi Community Health Workers to access health systems supports

15. Help villagers connect to JOIN Housing Workers to access housing supports

16. Attend weekly coordinators team, coalition, and monthly strategic sessions. Other meetings as identified.

Other Functions:  Tasks that may or may not be performed by the person in this job. 

°   Occasional lifting/transporting boxes and other office materials

Education and/or Experience:  A minimum of two years of experience working with houseless populations.

Computer / Software / Office Machines:  Proficient in Microsoft Excel, Word, Outlook email, and PowerPoint.  Proficient and accurate use of a computer. 

 Language Skills: Spanish/English fluency strongly preferred. ASL/English fluency preferred. Must have strong communication and writing skills.  Ability to create, read, comprehend, and explain policies, laws and regulations, procedures, informational reports, correspondence, and spreadsheets.  Ability to maintain current knowledge on employment and labor laws, regulations, and best practices. 

 Mathematical Skills:  Ability to add, subtract, multiply, divide, compute percentages, per unit costs, and decimals using spreadsheet software, calculator or a 10-Key adding machine.   Ability to calculate figures and amounts such as discounts, interest, commissions, percentages.  Ability to retrieve and analyze data from electronic databases using Microsoft Excel.

 Characteristics / Successful Behaviors:

To be successful in this role, the Program Engagement Specialist will be able to start immediately, work collaboratively and independently, and have strong social justice and village model values.  They must have strong skills in organizing logistics, social health support, and be creatively resourceful.  This person should be self-starting, quick learning, have strong communication skills, and work well with houseless populations. They will have respect and sensitivity for cultural differences and strive to educate others on the value of diversity. This position will strive to promote a harassment-free environment and build a diverse volunteer base.  Social justice ethics are a high priority, and the Training Coordinator should absolutely treat all people with respect, keep commitments, inspire the trust of others, work with integrity and uphold antiracist organizational values.  

 To apply: submit a resume and letter of interest to

The C(3)PO Coalition is an equal opportunity employer that does not tolerate discrimination on any basis. We are actively committed to creating a socially diverse staff and volunteer team to increase our collective strength and support our communities. We welcome and honor applications from people of all ages, races, ethnicities, national origins, gender and sexual identities, religious or spiritual paths, and abilities.



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