Assistant Dean For Student Rights And Responsibilities

Reed College | Portland, OR

Posted Date 1/11/2021

The Assistant Dean for Student Rights and Responsibilities is charged with oversight of the College’s student adjudication process within a community governed by the Reed Honor Principle. Reporting to the Dean of Students, the Assistant Dean collaborates closely with Reed community members to address student conduct in ways that are educational, equitable, and efficient.

This role will work to cultivate an educational process that is restorative rather than punitive. The Assistant Dean will promote a safe, caring, and responsive climate and will facilitate avenues for repair with community members when harm has occurred. The assistant dean serves as an expert advisor to students, staff and faculty about educational and restorative resolution processes. The Assistant Dean promotes mutual respect, accountability, and honorable behavior throughout the Reed community.

This is a full-time, exempt position with work hours Monday through Friday, 8:30am – 5:00pm with a one-hour unpaid lunch. Occasional after hours work may be required. The annual salary for this position is $70,000. Reed College offers an exceptional benefits package, including comprehensive medical and dental insurance, 403(b) retirement plan with 10% employer contribution (after one year of service), 22 days of paid vacation, paid holidays, half-day Fridays in the summer, and many other campus amenities.

Who You Are

  • You are committed to treating students and other community members with care, concern, honor and dignity. You demonstrate your commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion every day in your work.
  • You are able to build rapport with and across student, staff, and faculty community members and groups. You understand the dynamics of restorative justice practices in small communities.
  • You are courageous, confident, and possess the integrity to pursue the right course of action for the community as a whole, even in the face of vocal or powerful opposition.
  • You are an excellent listener, giving everyone the opportunity for their story to be heard. You are patient and strive to understand the full picture.
  • You are careful and thoughtful with your words, as you know that words matter. You are a clear and personable communicator.
  • Your approach is multi-partial and you work to facilitate conversations between both parties. You are attentive to the needs of the whole community.
  • You have excellent judgement and awareness. You know how to recognize, differentiate, and advise community members in situations that are subject to laws, college policies, and/or community-based processes.
  • You address reciprocal action and reaction with individuals as part of focused reintegration into the community, even when harm has been caused.
  • You are self aware, self correcting, and you understand your own privilege/s. You actively seek feedback from others and are comfortable incorporating it into your work.
  • You are visionary. You can imagine how the Reed community can best work collaboratively over the long-term to further enhance the health and safety of all of its members.
  • You are excited to lead a strategic cultural shift around restorative justice, resolution processes, and conduct practices for the college.

What You Will Do

  • Provide oversight of educational, equitable, and efficient student adjudication processes.
  • Serve as one of the Board Advisers for the Judicial Board and Sexual Misconduct Board, and work closely with the Appeals Board and Alcohol & Other Drug (AOD) Review Panel.
  • Provide oversight to the Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) Process to ensure equitable and efficient response in collaboration with Community Safety, Residence Life and the Dean of Students.
  • Serve as a Staff Adviser for the Restorative Justice Coalition, collaborate on the implementation of the Restorative Justice Policy, and facilitate restorative processes.
  • Serve as a Staff Adviser for the Honor Council, collaborating with the Reed community about the Honor Principle, College policies, student adjudication processes, formal mediation, and restorative practices.
  • Collaborate with the Title IX Coordinator and Sexual Misconduct Board and assist when informal resolution is sought for formal complaints; serve when appropriate as the Facilitator for Sexual Misconduct Board Hearings; and advise the Sexual Misconduct Board when Title IX Cases result in a finding of violation and are returned to the campus for sanctioning.
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