On-Call Shelter Engagement Specialist

Northwest Housing Alternatives | Milwaukie, OR

Posted Date 2/05/2021

Northwest Housing Alternatives is offering an exciting employment opportunity to assist in supporting the Annie Ross House shelter for families experiencing homelessness in Clackamas County.

The On-Call Shelter Engagement Specialist provides coverage for staff when they are out due to vacation, illness, and training, ensuring quality day-to-day operations of the Annie Ross House and providing support to families from a person-centered, trauma-informed perspective.  NHA has operated the Annie Ross House since 1986 and continues to be the only 24/7 shelter keeping families with children together are currently who are experiencing homelessness in Clackamas County.

NHA’s Annie Ross House serves families from many different backgrounds and cultures.  Families made up of multi-generations, that are non-traditional or have same-sex parents are all welcome.  Families may speak different languages, are monolingual, or have different lived experiences.  The ideal candidate will have learned or lived experience that enables them to work more effectively with all families.

 This is an as-needed on-call, non-exempt, position that will have the ability to work across all shifts (7:00 am – 3:00 pm; 2:30 pm – 10:30 pm; 10:00 pm – 7:30 am) and all days to support consistent staffing within the shelter. There may be the ability for a permanent weekly assigned shift which can be discussed during the hiring process.

The hourly rate is $17.00 (with a $.075 per hour pay differential for bilingual speakers)

This position will remain open through February 9, 2021. To apply please submit the electronic application, your resume, and a cover letter.

To learn about NHA please visit our website or join us on LinkedIn and Facebook.

Core Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Support shelter participants in following shelter policies and procedures.
  • Offer assistance to participants as needed with housing search, applying for government entitlements, preparing resumes or employment applications, or identifying community resources.
  • Observe and identify potential conflicts between participants or between a parent/guardian and child. Assertively offer support to prevent or de-escalate a situation.
  • Offer education on child development and/or age-appropriate parenting techniques as needed.
  • Role model effective communication: provide reflective listening and validation techniques where support is needed.
  • Complete shift duties consistently such as documenting in the log; and conducting a shift change to communicate issues of concern regarding shelter participants and/or campus.
  • Respond appropriately to instances of child abuse, domestic violence, accidents, first-aid/CPR emergencies, or calls to 911, and report to the Program Manager in the event of such emergency.  Fill out appropriate incident reports, forward them to Asset Management.
  • Coordinate move out activities of shelter families; clean, disinfect, and prepare shelter rooms after exit to be ready to receive new family.
  • Ensure the shelter is maintained in good working order, specifically that it is kept clean, stocked, and organized.
  • Regularly monitor the shelter for issues of maintenance, cleanliness, security, and safety.  Conduct room checks once per week.
  • Coordinate with Program Manager to identify and plan for repairs, maintenance, or physical improvements to the facilities.  Facilitate and supervise the work of contractors or vendors when repairs or maintenance is occurring.
  • Respond to the shelter alarm box and communicate with the security service in the event of an emergency or false alarm.
  • Facilitate the intake of donations; obtain donor information and complete appropriate paperwork.
  • Sort, inventory, and put away donations.

Qualifications and Abilities:

  • AA/AS Degree, Bachelor’s preferred; or a combination of two years of lived and/or learned experience in issues related to poverty, families experiencing homelessness, and government entitlements.
  • Knowledge of community resources and government entitlements programs.
  • Possess knowledge of empowerment, trauma-informed care, issues related to mental health and substance abuse, and domestic violence.
  • Knowledge of child development, family systems, and positive parenting techniques is desirable.
  • Experience working with families from diverse backgrounds.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills.
  • Ability to work successfully in a team-oriented environment and independently.
  • Possess positive problem-solving skills and the ability to engage in successful conflict resolution.
  • Basic skills and abilities in Microsoft Word, EXCEL, and Outlook.
  • Able to successfully pass a criminal background check.
  • Possess a current CPR/First Aid certification or complete it within 6 months of hire.
  • Valid Oregon driver’s license, good driving record, and proof of insurance.
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