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MindSights, PC | Bend, OR

Posted Date 2/09/2021

MindSights– a psychological assessment clinic serving infants, toddlers, children, adolescents, and young adults– is seeking a Psychologist Resident to join our established team in our Bend, OR location. 


MindSights is committed to providing comprehensive, client-tailored psychological evaluation services, integrating the best science with compassionate and collaborative practice. We provide comprehensive psychological assessment services to people affected by learning disabilities, complex psychiatric conditions, neurodevelopmental disorders, attachment disruptions due to foster care placement, and/or developmental/relational trauma. We serve many children and young adults from relatively privileged social and economic backgrounds, as well as many children from populations that have been traditionally marginalized within society (including children in foster care; children who are members of ethnic/cultural minority groups; and children and youth who identify as members of sexual- or gender-minority groups).  We have clinics in Portland, Beaverton/Hillsboro, and Bend, OR.  


Successful candidates will have a firm grounding in the science and practice of psychometric assessment, excellent interpersonal skills, and an appreciation of the effects of neurocognitive development on emotional/psychological adjustment in various life stages. A commitment to expanding one’s knowledge of the impact of cultural, traumatic, neurocognitive, and socioeconomic factors on psychological development and familial functioning is essential. MindSights places high value on collaborative practice, inter-professional communication, and professional satisfaction.


The Psychologist Resident position provides psychological testing and assessment services to and on behalf of children and adolescents. Demographically, the population served by MindSights’ Residents primarily includes children and youth referred through the MindSights Child Welfare Services program. This position is conceptualized as a 12-month appointment, providing training experiences needed to achieve expertise in early-childhood, child, and adolescent psychological assessment, and to qualify for independent licensure as a Licensed Psychologist under Oregon Board of Psychology (OBOP) rules.


Salary is variable, depending upon experience and clinical productivity (compensation is derived from Minimum Base Salary plus productivity bonuses), with a base salary of  $43,500 per annum.


If interested, please go to our website: and follow the instructions there.


MindSights is an equal opportunity, at-will employer.

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