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Posted Date 6/11/2024

Position Summary:

The Program Manager at Cordero House is responsible for the recruiting, hiring, training and supervising of all Cordero Youth Care Specialists.  They are responsible for facilitating effective communication and working relationships among all staff and the on-site implementation of all agency and program policies. The Program Manager provides structure for clients and staff by managing the staff and daily schedules, ensuring consistency and required staffing on all shifts.  The Program Manager Overseas program compliance with OYA contract guidelines, licensing regulations, USDA, CARF and JANUS Safety policies and procedures. The Program Manager manages food planning, purchasing and preparation.  They also train and supervise the medication coordinator and ensure that all client medication and medical needs are met in accordance with program policies and best practice. The Program Manager provides after hours (ECELL) support on rotation and provides direct care coverage as needed to maintain staffing ratios and safety.  The position reports to the Program Director regarding administrative, personnel and ongoing program and policy implementation, supervision and training of staff and facility maintenance and safety issues

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Supervises Youth Care Specialists assuring an optimal environment for adolescents in a residential facility in accordance with contract, Janus, CARF and licensing standards, and program policies and procedures.
  • Screens, interviews, and hires staff.
  • Provides orientation and training on an on-going basis.
  • Defines expectations and minimal performance standards in a written performance agreement.
  • Provides ongoing and regularly scheduled supervision to assigned staff on a weekly basis.
  • Provides ongoing verbal feedback and periodic written performance evaluation in accordance to the    employee guidebook.
  • Assures the implementation of procedure and policies which allow for a physically, socially, and emotionally secure environment for clients and monitors compliance with established policies and procedures.
  • Provides on-call supervision and support for any staff on duty on a rotating basis with other on call staff by carrying the on-call cell phone and responding to calls according to program policy.
  • Provides back-up line coverage as needed to insure staffing ratios and maintain safety.
  • Facilitates and documents staff meetings and ensures staff attendance and participation.
  • Develops, supervises, and maintains a system for substitute staff.
  • Screens and hires an adequate number of substitute workers.
  • Assures all shifts are covered with the required staff-to-client ratios.
  • Orients, trains, supervises and evaluates performance of substitute workers.
  • Maintains current client records in accordance with agency procedures and funding-contract standards.
  • Provides staff training and oversight for all BRS service documentation.
  • Monitors and ensures BRS services and service documentation are completed each week in compliance with contract and licensing guidelines. Reports any problems with service provision or documentation to the Program Director.
  • Ensures program compliance with routine and emergency first-aid policies and procedures.
  • Provides routine and emergency first-aid, as needed, and maintains a current standard first-aid certification.
  • Insures all Atlas Youth Care Specialists receive and maintain current standard first-aid certifications.
  • Maintains the programs first-aid kits in keeping with agency policies.
  • Provides facility management functions and ensures that the facility provides a safe, nurturing, culturally sensitive environment.
  • Assesses physical condition of facility daily and addresses cleaning and maintenance needs to ensure compliance with agency, OYA, public health, and local fire marshal standards.
  • Schedules and guides facility and vehicle maintenance within budgetary limitations.
  • Overseas the programs incident reporting process by providing initial and ongoing training and reviewing, completing and reporting significant incident reports.
  • Reviews and reports any safety or facility concerns to the Program Director in a timely manner.
  • Serves as the program Safety Committee representative and completes all duties assigned to that role.
  • Completes USDA documentation for the program and maintains program compliance with USDA menus and policies.  Trains staff in the planning, preparation, documentation and provision of reimbursed meals and snacks.
  • Manages staff and client schedules making adjustments as needed.
  • Assumes responsibilities, as assigned, for Program operations when Program Director is unavailable
  • Manages program expenditures as assigned by the Program Director
  • Manages petty cash funds and completes a monthly reconciliation and submits it to the Janus finance   department by the 25th of each month.
  • Manages program purchasing at Fred Meyers and WinCo and balances and submits receipts by the 25 of every month.  
  • Is assigned a company credit card to make approved program purchases.  Completes credit card transactions and monthly reconciliations as required.
  • Performs other program related duties as assigned by the Program Director

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  • Value working in a multicultural/diverse environment.
  • Working knowledge of licensing and regulatory standards and residential services.
  • Ability to maintain professional attitude, respond to difficult situations, and provide excellent clinical judgment under conditions that are variable, stressful and unpredictable.
  • Knowledge of legal hiring practices, including screening applications, scheduling interviews, and checking references.
  • Knowledge of OYA and DHS contract requirements and ability to assess program compliance with Oregon Administrative Rules.
  • Basic knowledge of Family Medical Leave, including when to notify Human Resources regarding an employee's potential need for protected leave.
  • Ability to prioritize work responsibilities and meet reporting deadlines.
  • Strong coaching and training skills and ability to meet regularly with direct reports for ongoing training and supervision.
  • Ability to work effectively within a team-dependent environment.
  • Ability to effectively monitor safety and demonstrate group management skills and effectively de-escalate potentially chaotic or volatile situations.
  • Ability to exercise tact, discretion and judgment in working with a variety of people.
  • Ability to maintain professional boundaries in working with others and in handling confidential information.
  • Ability to stay calm and emotionally available in an environment serving severely disturbed youth.
  • Ability to accurately read, record and interpret information.
  • Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing with a wide variety of individuals, including clients, families, management staff, and community partner/referral sources.
  • Ability to climb at least two flights of stairs.
  • Ability to provide auditory and visual supervision of clients.
  • Ability to consistently attend and be punctual for scheduled meetings and work assignments and be in a condition suitable for carrying out responsibilities of position.
  • Openness to feedback and supervision.
  • Manual/physical dexterity allows for performance of routine office functions such as copying, filing, phone use, computer use, writing, faxing, etc.
  • Ability to respond to phone calls at all hours of the day and night when covering On-Call coverage.
  • Ability to work a variable schedule, including day, swing, and overnight shifts. 


  • Personal transportation allowing for travel within the Portland metropolitan area, a valid driver's license for state of residency, and a driving record which permits coverage under the corporate auto liability policy is required.  If using a personal vehicle for work related purposes, proof of auto liability insurance is also required. If driving personal vehicle for work purposes, personal auto liability coverage is required ($100,000/$300,000 levels are strongly recommended).  All employees driving for work purposes (either personal vehicle or agency vehicle) must complete organization’s driving approval process before driving for work purposes.
  • Bloodborne Pathogens training is required on first day of employment and annually thereafter.
  • Must complete Mandatory Abuse Training is required on the first day of employment and annually thereafter.
  • First-Aid CPR Certification within 30 days of hire.
  • Food Handler’s Certification within two weeks of hire.
  • Must pass a criminal history check.
  • Must obtain National Provider Identification Number through the National Plan and Provider Enumeration System.


  • May involve exposure to communicable diseases, including a variety of illnesses and infections such as the common cold, TB, Hepatitis, flu, meningitis, and HIV.
  • May involve exposure to upset, angry, severely traumatized or emotionally disturbed children, adolescents, adults, and families.
  • May involve time in excess of routine schedule and/or overtime, including evening/overnight, weekend hours, and/or holidays.
  • May involve exposure to information that graphically describes physical, sexual and emotional abuse of children and may experience vicarious trauma.
  • May require working and providing services at locations other than program site (i.e., schools, café’, clinics, etc.,) and may, therefore, be exposed to environments not under agency control (i.e., second-hand smoke, varying hygiene practices, etc.). 
Salary68,342.87 - 75,772.97 Annual
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Management | Nonprofit
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Full Time
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Direct Employer
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