Monitoring and Evaluation Officer, Sexual and Reproductive Health

PATH | Seattle, WA

Posted Date 11/19/2020

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PATH is a global organization that works to accelerate health equity by bringing together public institutions, businesses, social enterprises, and investors to solve the world’s most pressing health challenges. With expertise in science, health, economics, technology, advocacy, and dozens of other specialties, PATH develops and scales solutions—including vaccines, drugs, devices, diagnostics, and innovative approaches to strengthening health systems worldwide.

PATH is launching a new three-year initiative in Uganda to coordinate and monitor scale-up of contraceptive self-injection in alignment with the country’s national plan, which aims to complete scale-up of SI across all sectors by end of December 2021. PATH’s Sexual and Reproductive Health team in the US will work closely with the PATH team in Uganda to scale the practice of self-injection through existing in-country partner networks (USAID bilaterals, DFID global awards, and bilaterals, UNFPA) and will work with the MOH to monitor implementation and uptake. Self-injection data is in the early stages of being integrated into Uganda’s national health management information system (HMIS). PATH will facilitate and support integration of self-injection data and gather additional self-injection routine monitoring data at scale. To that end, PATH will design and implement a consultative process to prioritize indicators and data collection approaches to be supported through this investment, and ultimately integrated into the HMIS by the end of the project.

PATH is also embarking on an extension of the multi-country DMPA-SC Access Collaborative initiative, which supports multiple country governments and partners to realize self-injection scale-up goals and monitor progress, as well as apply data on self-injection scale-up and uptake to strengthen availability and accessibility across the global family planning market. Both the Uganda Scale Up and the Access Collaborative (AC) investments will include dedicated documentation and learning components, as well as expanded collaboration across the global FP community.

PATH is recruiting a M&E Officer to support both projects. Specifically for Uganda Scale Up, the M&E Officer will support the development of a database for collection of routine data on self-injection and to facilitate the use of self-injection (and other FP program data) for decision-making in Uganda. The M&E Officer will be responsible for providing technical assistance on database management, data visualization and data application for decision-making to the PATH Monitoring and Evaluation team in Uganda. For the Access Collaborative Project, the M&E Officer will provide data analysis and visualization expertise across the team and focus on marshalling data to address key learning questions for the project. She/he/they will work closely with and report to the SRH Research and Evaluation Manager.


  • Design and implement processes to manage, validate, transform, analyze, visualize, interpret, and use quantitative and qualitative data for the projects.
  • Work with the Research and Evaluation Manager to develop a database to house self-injection data for Uganda, and provide technical assistance to the PATH/Uganda M&E team who will maintain and populate the database.
  • Develop data analytics and visualization tools to present data in compelling ways to implementing partners, Ministries of Health, and donors, in Uganda as well as other AC Countries.
  • Assist with developing an effective process for reviewing data with implementing partners, district health teams and the Uganda MOH with the goal of identifying and resolving challenges with self-injection scale up.
  • Participate in the development of evaluation protocols, data collection instruments, consent forms, and SOPs for supplemental (small scale) data collection focused on rapid assessments of progress and quality of service delivery in Uganda;
  • Lead development of a quarterly monitoring report for the DMPA-SC Donor Group, working closely with project leadership and the global M&E team.
  • Serve as key contributor to the development and implementation of an analysis approach to address key learning questions regarding self-injection scale-up across countries, including strategies for synthesizing and disseminating key results, programmatic lessons learned, methodologies developed and other outputs.
  • Train staff and partners in M&E and data analysis, visualization, and interpretation methods.
  • Contribute to MEL team capacity building programs and knowledge sharing activities to promote the M&E discipline at PATH, with an emphasis on data visualization.
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Clerical/Administrative | Healthcare | Nonprofit
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Full Time
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