Deputy Director of Community Engagement and Partnerships

Western Resources Legal Center | Portland, OR

Posted Date 3/29/2024

Job Title: Deputy Director of Community Engagement and Partnerships

Organization: Western Resources Legal Center (WRLC)

Location: Portland, OR (Remote work options possible)

Job Type: Full-Time

Salary: DOE



The Deputy Director of Community Engagement and Partnerships is a key position at WRLC, located at Lewis and Clark Law School. This is a distinct and specialized role focusing on strategic fundraising and external relations. Reporting directly to the Executive Director, this role is pivotal in securing resources for WRLC’s mission. The ideal candidate will be a visionary leader with a strong background in fundraising and should possess a deep commitment to legal education and an unwavering dedication to advocacy on behalf of natural resource users. The candidate will be innovative in securing funding through diverse giving and grant opportunities, ensuring the self-sustainability of their role.


  1. Development Responsibilities:
    • Fundraising Leadership: Drive fundraising initiatives by leading grant acquisition, major gifts, planned giving, and corporate sponsorship efforts to meet or exceed the annual budget.
    • Donor Relationship Management: Craft and execute strategies for donor engagement, employing personalized cultivation techniques to develop enduring relationships and elevate donor commitment.
    • Strategic Campaigns and Stewardship: Implement innovative and targeted fundraising campaigns and oversee stewardship strategies to ensure donor retention and heightened financial support.
    • Prospect Development: Utilize effective CRM tools to enhance the donor base, tailoring engagement plans to align with donor interests and capabilities.
    • Grant Writing Excellence: Actively seek and masterfully write grant proposals, ensuring alignment with grantor priorities and showcasing WRLC’s impact.
    • Donor Reengagement: Devise and implement effective tactics for reinvigorating lapsed donor relationships, emphasizing repeated giving and deeper involvement.
  2. Alumni Engagement:
    • Alumni Program Innovation: Develop an impactful alumni program, fostering strong connections and encouraging ongoing support and advocacy for WRLC.
    • Consistent Alumni Communication: Maintain proactive communication with alumni, utilizing various platforms to share updates and engage with this vital community.
    • Alumni Events: Organize alumni events, including an annual landmark event to celebrate achievements, foster community, create connections, and integrate fundraising elements.
  3. External Relations:
    • Organizational Ambassadorship: Represent WRLC in public forums, articulating our vision and engaging with a broad audience to amplify our message.
    • Rural Community Outreach: Spearhead initiatives to engage with rural stakeholders, enhancing visibility and support for WRLC’s mission.
    • Legal Case Development: Collaborate with legal team, identify legal cases for student involvement, providing experiential learning aligned with natural resource challenges.
    • Professional Opportunities for Students: Secure internships and job placements for students, enriching their education with practical industry experience.
  4. Additional Responsibilities:
  • Collaborative Fundraising Strategy: Collaborate with the Board, Executive Director, and legal team to craft and execute unified fundraising strategies.
  • Strategic Advisory Role: Advise the Executive Director on strategic planning, aligning fundraising efforts with WRLC’s growth trajectory.
  • Social media and Outreach: Elevate WRLC’s social media presence to engage supporters, update on initiatives, and foster advocacy.
  • Educational Partnerships: Work alongside the Executive Director to build relationships with academic institutions, expanding WRLC’s educational impact.


  1. At least five years of high-level experience in development and external relations within the nonprofit sector, with a consistent track record of achieving fundraising targets.
  2. A strong preference for candidates with a background in education, legal policy, environmental law, or natural resources.
  3. Exceptional communication skills, both written and verbal, capable of compellingly conveying WRLC’s mission to diverse audiences.
  4. High proficiency in fundraising databases, CRM systems, and social media platforms.
  5. A deep, authentic commitment to WRLC’s mission and the advocacy of legal education in the natural resources sector.
  6. A bachelor’s degree is essential, with a preference for an advanced degree in Law, Public Policy, Business, Communications, Environmental Sciences, or related fields.


  1. Competitive salary and benefits package.
  2. Opportunities for professional development and growth.
  3. Being part of a dynamic team committed to environmental advocacy and legal education.



WRLC is committed to diversity and inclusion in our hiring practices. We believe a diverse workforce enhances our ability to fulfill our mission effectively. We welcome and encourage applicants from all backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives to apply. WRLC is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, national origin, disability, veteran status, or any other legally protected characteristic.


Interested candidates are invited to submit their application for the position of Deputy Director of Community Engagement and Partnerships. Please include a cover letter, resume, and a writing sample in your application.

Your application should be addressed to Lisa Arth. We request that you use the following subject line for email submissions: “Job Application: Deputy Director of Community Engagement and Partnerships.”

We will start considering applications from May 1, 2024, and will continue until the position is filled. You have the option to submit your application via two methods:

  1. Email: Send your application documents to Lisa Arth at
  2. Regular Mail: If you prefer, you can mail your application to:

   Lisa Arth

   Western Resources Legal Center

   9220 SW Barbur Blvd., Suite 119-327

   Portland, OR 97219


For more information about our organization and this role, please visit our website at

We look forward to receiving your application and thank you for your interest in joining our team at the Western Resources Legal Center.






  1. New Fundraising Targets:
  • Secure funding to cover the position’s salary and benefits by the end of Q2, exclusively through new fundraising channels, ensuring that all financial resources are generated from entirely new sources of revenue.
  • Raise a minimum of $250,000 in new donations and grants by the end of the year, with at least 30% coming from new donors or sources.
  1. Grant Acquisition and Management:
  • Apply for at least three new grants specifically targeting areas of environmental law, education, and rural community support, aligned with WRLC’s mission.
  • Research and compile a list of at least three additional grant opportunities for potential future applications, including federal, state, and private funding sources.
  • Ensure consistent and accurate reporting for all existing grants. This includes preparing detailed progress reports, financial statements, and impact assessments in line with each grantor’s requirements and deadlines.
  • Maintain detailed records for all grants and provide comprehensive, timely reports, ensuring compliance with grantor requirements and showcasing the impact of funds.
  1. Donor Engagement and Expansion:
  • Implement strategies to maintain and strengthen relationships with existing donors. This involves personalized communications, regular updates on WRLC’s initiatives and impacts, and exclusive engagement opportunities.
  • Organize and execute a series of engagement activities for current donors. These could include virtual updates, exclusive briefings, and appreciation events, with a focus on demonstrating the ongoing value and impact of their contributions.
  • Establish a process for collecting and analyzing feedback from current donors. Use these insights to refine and improve fundraising strategies and donor communications.
  • Regularly assess the effectiveness of donor engagement and retention strategies. Use key metrics such as engagement rates, donation frequency, and feedback quality to evaluate and adapt approaches for enhanced donor satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Implement targeted campaigns and outreach strategies to increase the donor base by 15%, with a focus on engaging younger donors and leveraging digital platforms.
  • Develop a re-engagement program aimed at reconnecting with at least 5% of lapsed donors, converting them into active supporters through personalized communication and exclusive updates.


  1. Alumni Program Development:
  • Launch a dynamic alumni engagement program with a goal of increasing alumni interactions by 20%, including a digital alumni network and regular newsletters.
  • Organize quarterly alumni events with varied themes, culminating in a significant landmark event aimed at fundraising and networking, potentially involving keynote speakers from the environmental legal sector.
  1. External Relations and Outreach:
  • Actively participate in at least 12 public forums or events to enhance WRLC’s visibility, with at least half of these engagements in rural communities or related to environmental law education.
  • Initiate two new outreach initiatives focusing on rural community engagement and environmental advocacy, potentially including workshops or partnership events.
  1. Strategic Collaborations:
  • Establish at least two new collaborations with academic institutions or industry organizations, focusing on synergies in environmental advocacy and education.
  • Facilitate three professional opportunities for students, including internships and job placements, with emphasis on real-world experience in environmental law and policy.
  1. Social Media and Online Presence:
  • Increase social media followers and engagement rates by 25% through regular, high-quality content, interactive campaigns, and effective use of multimedia.
  • Publish at least 24 high-impact posts or articles on platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and the WRLC website, showcasing WRLC’s work, success stories, and mission-driven activities.
  1. Reporting and Advisory Contributions:
  • Provide detailed quarterly reports to the Executive Director and Board on fundraising progress, donor engagement metrics, and strategic initiatives.
  • Actively participate in and contribute to four strategic planning sessions throughout the year, offering insights and recommendations to align fundraising and development efforts with WRLC’s growth and mission objectives.



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